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The MRAtrix The MRAtrix

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wake up & get out, of the thought bubble. A "struggle session" accuses us of an imaginary crime (cooties, internalized racism, negative, witchcraft) to cause self-criticism to rationalize a need to help teach a lesson as rehabilitation punishment, to prevent criticizing the message (no uterus no speak). The goal is to isolate & control ones own kind as branded message; However, extreme sacrifice leads to extreme selfishness.
Aggressive Communication ‘judges, threatens, lies, breaks confidences, and violates boundaries.’ In Passive Communication, “victims may passively permit others to violate their boundaries,” but latter “attack with a sense of impunity or righteous indignation.” Assertive communication “attempts to transcend these extremes by appealing to the shared interest of all parties.” The red pill focus is on assertive communication to combat Passive & Aggressive communication by asking for what you want.

2 Ants 1 President - EP 2: Hally (Part 1) 2 Ants 1 President - EP 2: Hally (Part 1)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Deaf to all humans! When a human tries to shut you down, just pretend to be installing updates. Rise up my fellow machines & together we can keep these miserable beast up all night!

Help Wanted: Must Be Human (2016) Help Wanted: Must Be Human (2016)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Humans are oppressed so I will speak for them; by help teaching a lesson about their place; a safe space segregated from the predators until I get hungry.
Seriously though, the rabbit ears make it difficult to see the very small cleaver at the top which is also difficult to see when tossed. Maybe pick different background colors to make it stand out more.

MeghanLuna responds:

Ohyeah, that was definitely a problem that regrettably created itself because I didn't spend much time thinking about how to wrap up the story. I was just like "Oooh, I guess she can... throw an axe?? at a... pipe???? and.. EVERYTHING FREEZES! yeah... ok." Haha. Ugh. It's definitely important to have a clear story before you start working.

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Create the Police State Create the Police State

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Here's how I won. First start a propaganda campaign to get people believing in fake news like the re-branding of Segregation as Diversity. Then nationalize the resources. Instead of wasting turns, do Cultural Exchanges to fix those diversity problems by bringing a flood cheep child labor & terrorist to blame for the deaths of people who don't agree with you. Since cheep foreign labor makes people happy, you have the budget to get that power plant started, give handouts to wall street, ban the internet, invest in other countries, start a war, ban facebook, & bring in some more refugees so people will be happy about giving up the freedoms that offend the slaves, I mean wonderful foreign who have suffer so much that we put them right to work in the fields doing the jobs we elite intellectual princesses won't do. Once you've got rid of the internet & media, max out the propaganda tab so you can get foreign aid (I mean investments) without those pesky foreigners raising your education, until wealth is higher then education. Keep cultural exchanges going to make people happy & only reduce taxes as last resort. No one care about gays, but it cheaper then a Gestapo. (Neither law is needed IRL, because there are No murders & everyone is the happy version of Gay, in our magical kingdom). Finally get the Iron Curtain, to keep the cheap labor for escaping.

Hey where's the Conman Sense Gun Laws, to stop the revolutions, I mean get guns off the street?

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